Khun’s mom: Khun is very sorry for making those who love him feel sad. I told him that everything would pass but he would have the permanent scar from this. This had to remember and won’t let this happen again. This scar would be something that reminds him to keep being good and giving good things back to those who love and support him. 

I think everyone has faith in Khun and has faith in goodness. Don’t be discouraged, don’t be angry that those who said bad things. This is truth of life: we cannot make everyone love us; we cannot make everyone hate us either. The coin has 2 faces. While we may not understand why JYPE doesn’t protect Khun, we have to understand that they also love Khun but they may not be able to do anything as there are many complicated matters of law. We have to understand and give them a chance. Don’t be angry at them.

Seeing the person we love made mistake reminds us to be conscious on what we do. Khun was considerate and did not want to bother others that day as he had schedule to travel to Japan next morning. This happened from his considerateness but he forgot that he was in the improper condition as he was drinking alcohol beverages. This reminds us to be conscious. If we have to drive, we have to take responsibility for our life and others on the street.

If we love Khun, we have to always remind ourselves to think carefully before doing anything. I think Khun would regain his inner strengths to be the better Khun and realize on enormous love and supports from fans. He would regain strong power back. I, on behalf of Khun, would like to thank you everyone. Khun is so touched. I asked him not to read anything during this time but I would let him know about what the fans do for him. Therefore, he would get the supports from everyone as I personally send him myself. Thank you everyone from my heart. If there is anything I can do, I would be please to do it.

[Thai speech — Cr:  & Thai - Eng Trans by Pimguin @ IamHOtWalkerz]

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