[Fan cam] 140925 2PM fansign event - Nichkhun focus



141017 2PM - Interview with Bang Channel [Tran: Daffodil0624]

MC: Please introduce yourself.

Nichkhun: Sawasdeekrub. Long time no see.

MC: Oh you can speak Thai!

Khun: I have been practicing Thai for quite a while. XD

Khun: Wooyoung has something to say.

Wooyoung: KidTeungPeungPei.

MC: Excuse me?

Khun: KidTeungJungBei.

Wooyoung: KidTeungJungBei. (It’s a cute way of saying I miss you.)

Everyone laughed.

MC was still laughing about the KidTeungPeungPei.

Khun: I don’t know which part of Thailand he’s from. XD

Question from fans: If you have a chance to be the main actor in a drama and you can choose your friends to be in the drama too, what kind of roles will you choose for your friends?

Minjun: I want to be a teacher in a girl’s school. It would be nice if every student loves me. And Chansung can play a role of a female student.

(Chan is like ( ̄□ ̄;)lol)

Q: Which song in your new album can represent you the most?

Nichkhun: In fact, Go Crazy is a bit like me too. I’m crazy sometimes. Lol

MC: Do you like to ride a motorcycle too?

Nichkhun: No. (laugh) I’m kinda scared to ride a motorcycle.

Nichkhun: If I have to choose only one song, I will choose Boyfriend. Chansung co-wrote the song with a composer. It’s a slow and sweet song. I really like this kind of songs.

Q: What are your goals in 2015 that you want to set and achieve?

Taec: Hmm. Next year.

Chan: It’s too late for this year. Lol

Taec: My goal next year is to be healthy and to meet our fans through many activities.

MC: How to do you want to dress to haunt your fans during the Halloween?

Wooyoung: I want to dress as P’Mark. (in a famous Thai ghost movie)

Nichkhun: His hairstyle is quite similar to P’Mark.

MC: Yeah. It’s quite similar to Mario Maurer’s hairstyle.

Taec: What do you mean? The actor who plays P’Mark is very handsome. What about Wooyoung?

Chan: Our Wooyoung is handsome too.

MC: What kinds of situations make you go crazy?

Junho: I was watching TV at home. Suddenly something black flew past me. It was a huge cockroach with long antennae. I think it was as big as my fist.

MC: What kind of parties do you want to plan for your fans?

Chan: A ghost-themed party to welcome the Halloween. Not a scary party though. A costume party.

Nichkhun to Hottests: We prepare various kinds of songs for you. Fun, sweet, touching, and sexy songs. Before coming to our concert, don’t forget to eat. You will definitely be exhausted!

MC: Please say something to your fans in Thai. Just one sentence.

Nichkhun: I love everyone.

Minjun: Tomorrow the sky will be bright and clear.

Taecyeon: I haven’t come to Thailand for a long time. I’m having a lot of fun.

Junho: I already drank watermelon smootie!

Chansung: Let’s have fun together tomorrow.

MC: Don’t say KidTeungJungBei!

Wooyoung: ………

Wooyoung to Khun: Please tell him I learn only one Thai sentence for a day. KidTeungJungBei. XD


141017 Nine Entertain ‘Star Party’ - Exclusive Interview with 2PM

Chan - Thai food is very delicious. He gains weight every time he comes to Thailand. If he has to choose one dish, he will choose Thai fried rice with pork.

Minjun chose stir fried crab with curry.

MC: What are you guys crazy about at the moment?

Taec: “Farming and rice. In Korea, we still have old-fashioned rice pots and we use them to cook rice over firewood.”

Junho: “Filming my new movie. I promise my fans will have a chance to watch this movie soon.”

Chansung: “Our new album, GO CRAZY.”

Wooyoung: “I’m crazy about myself.” lol

Minjun: “Taking good care of my health. I’m taking many supplements.”

Nichkhun: “Right now I’m reading a lot of books on self-improvement.”

Tran: Daffodil0624 

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‘Brave Heart’ Featuring 2PM’s Nichkhun Ranks No. 3 in Ratings

Brave Heart, featuring 2PM’s Nichkhun helping out the boxers, has been gathering interest in China.

Brave Heart, which aired the first episode on October 5, ranked third in national viewership rating out of the shows airing at the same time after airing just two episodes, with its new format of being the first boxing game reality show in China as well its content dealing with passion and challenge.

After receiving spotlight for being co-produced by Korea and China, Brave Heart features 20 amateur boxers, chosen out of 20,000 applicants working with Asia’s popular star Nichkhun, Chinese actor Jiang Wu, Taiwanese actor Godfrey Gao and action actress Zhang Langxin, who appear as the boxers’ managers.

The 20 boxers get divided into four teams and the winner gets to sign a contract with Asia’s best boxing team as well as winning WBC boxing champion belt.

As the manager of one of the four teams, Nichkhun has not only been helping out the players by cheering them on to focus on boxing, but has also been showing his manly side as a ‘beast-dol’ by participating in training sessions together.

Brave Heart depicting four stars, including Nichkhun, and 20 amateur boxers’ passion, challenge and efforts airs every Sunday through Beijing TV and Youku Todou.

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